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    Careers at HanDong


    Fixture design engineer Guangzhou
    Job Responsibilities
    1. Design and production of tooling fixtures;
    2. Optimization and management of tooling and fixtures;
    3. Handling of abnormal tooling and fixture;
    4. Maintain 5S work in tooling room;
    5. Other work arranged by supervisor

    Job application
    1. Technical secondary school degree or above, major in mechanical, electromechanical and related fields;
    2. Familiar with mechanical processing technology, have experience in fixture production and maintenance; prior to the automotive industry product fixture workers are preferred;
    3. Understand CAD, PRO/E, solidworks or other drawing software;
    4. Work initiative, strong adaptability, can actively cooperate with superiors to complete work tasks.

    Installation mechanic Guangzhou
    Job Responsibilities

    1、Responsible for safety inspection of equipment and facilities;

    2、Responsible for the daily installation and maintenance of equipment;

    3、Carry out the daily work of comprehensive maintenance;

    4、Provide technical support for the equipment, and provide reasonable suggestions and modification opinions on the selection of equipment.

    Job application

    1、Education level above high school, age 20-40 years old;

    2、More than 2 years of relevant work experience;

    3、Have relevant experience in mechanical installation and maintenance;

    4、Have good personal qualities and professional ethics;

    5、Hardworking, responsible and self-motivated.

    General workers Guangzhou
    Job Responsibilities

    1、In accordance with the requirements of the supervisor, complete the production tasks on time and according to the quantity, and complete the production tasks of the day and month;

    2、Carry out production operations according to process requirements;

    3、 Obey the leadership's arrangement and complete technical learning tasks outside the post;

    4、Complete the temporary work assigned by the leader.

    Job application

    1、Over 18 years old;

    2、Hardworking and responsible;

    3、Conscientiously study, abide by the company's rules and regulations, unite and make progress.

    Office clerk Guangzhou
    Job Responsibilities

    1、Practical, hardworking, studious, able to bear hardships and stand hard work;

    2、Good communication skills, obey the arrangement of superiors, and have a team spirit;

    3、Familiar with computer operation (word, etc.)

    Job application

    1、Good image and temperament, meticulous and patient work, serious and responsible, warm and generous;

    2、Fresh graduates who meet the requirements can also be considered.

    Senior mechanical engineer Guangzhou
    Job Responsibilities

    1、Mechanical structure design of automation equipment and tooling fixtures, selection of automatic pneumatic related parts, design drawings and material selection of machining parts;

    2、Announce the design plan, meet the problem with the customer, and make changes according to the customer's requirements;

    3、Possess the complete plan of non-standard equipment, drawing design experience

    Job application

    1、Proficient in AUTO CAD, Solidworks or UG;

    2、Major in mechanical design, college degree or above, more than 5 years of mechanical design related work experience;

    3、Familiar with mechanical principles and mechanical processing technology;

    4、Be honest, responsible for work, rigorous and meticulous, have a good spirit of innovation and teamwork;

    5、Ability to stand alone and complete mechanical scheme design independently;;

    6、Familiar with automobile assembly related equipment and supporting equipment, parts pressing equipment, and automation production line design experience is preferred;

    7、Experience in dealing with Japanese customers such as Foshan Honda Automobile Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Huadu Nissan, etc. is preferred;

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