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    New energy assembly system
    Customized and flexible to provide overall solutions for the planning, design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and delivery in terms of automotive new energy rotors, stator thermal sleeves, controllers, and three-in-one motor automated assembly production line systems. It is a effective guarantee to the the quality of product assembly that we has not only the independent development, and also include integration of domestic and foreign excellent supplies to provide brilliant technology.
    Powertrain assembly system
    HD relies on its own high-end technology platform and years of technology accumulation, mastering key processes such as assembly, testing, cleaning, gluing, tightening, welding, etc., to provide customers with automated intelligent production solutions for intelligent assembly systems such as automobile engines and gearboxes.
    non-standard parts
    The leader of factory automation, MRT (MAXROTEC) that integrates factory automation and system integration. Provide powertrain parts processing automated truss manipulator solutions and metal 3D printing + 5-axis processing intelligent equipment.